Tom’s FPI Blog February 2022

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After a fairly long off-season (I last completed in Portugal at the end of September 2021) I am about to embark on my new season, beginning at the great Fancourt Golf Estate in George, South Africa. This starts a run of four consecutive events in South Africa, before a two week break and a further two events in SA, followed by a visit to Tanzania to play an event at Mount Kilimanjaro Golf Club.

The off-season has been productive for me, putting a lot of work in in the short game area in particular  – an area that is usually a weaker part of my game – and trying to identify things I would class as my ‘Key Ingredients’ to performing well week-to-week. I felt like last year I got off track a little often when faced with adversity, so I aim to be better at sticking to what I know works for me. On top of this I’ve worked hard in the gym, trying to remain strong and robust for the season ahead (I know you probably think I just stroll round a golf course, but there’s more to it I swear) and to increase my club head speed so that I can hit the ball a bit further. All of these things have gone well with improvements in all areas, so I look forward to putting everything to the test and seeing how my game stands up in competition. It’s been a long time since I have had any real competitive action so I’m sure there’ll be some ‘rusty’ errors in the early weeks, but I’ll be able to deal with that.

Thank you to FPIL and RL360 for continuing to support my journey in 2022, I hope we have a successful year together!!