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Friends Provident International

Friends Provident International has 40 years experience of providing savings and investment products through financial advisers around the world. Based in Castletown, Isle of Man and with regional offices in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong we provide products and services to expats and local nationals in these markets.

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Friends Provident International (FPI) has been Tom's main sponsor since 2020. FPI and RL360 (both part of International Financial Group Limited) are Tom's current sponsors for the 2023 season.

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RL360 offers a broad range of offshore investment, savings and tax planning products to investors based around the world. 

We are headquartered in the Isle of Man and part of International Financial Group Limited (IFGL) which comprises of RL360, Friends Provident International (FPI), RL360 Services and Ardan International.

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RL360 is the main sponsor of Tom Gandy, alongside Friends Provident International, for 2023.

RL360 is also the main sponsor of Ana Dawson for 2023.

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Nothing feel like a Mizuno - At Mizuno, we’re passionate about sports, and we’ll always strive to help you find your inspiration.

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Mizuno UK are a key supporter for Tom Gandy

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Bespoke Vehicle Sales

Are proud to be the friendliest locally owned independent garage in Isle of Man, having relocated to possibly the finest vehicle sales site the Island has to offer at the Isle of Man Business Park Douglas, Open 7 days a week... "Don't settle for less try Bespoke we won't disappoint"

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Bespoke Vehicle Sales are a key supporter of Tom Gandy for Travel Support

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OAK Group

OAK Group are an independent global specialist of private wealth, corporate and fund services to high net worth families, institutional clients and fund managers.

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OAK Group are a key supporter of Vannin Sports Management through their Start-Up Incubator Programme

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Scotty Dog Golf

Scotty Dog Golf was formed to offer something different, a bespoke service for something you use on every hole, why not have it personalised. We know that the golf course can be a lonely place when you're not hitting the ball well. This is when you need to be strong psychologically. To help you, you need golf aids (like a personalised putting marker) that mean something positive to you.

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Scotty Dog Golf are a supporter of Tom Gandy

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At SBCL we work with energetic and design enthusiastic clients to CRE8 short and long term memorable branding for your business, products and services. We support new Startup businesses through our INQB8 product which is initially focused on providing a packaged range of services based on digital and print design and marketing services.

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SBCL are a key supporter of Vannin Sports Management for on and offline marketing.