Tom’s Blog – January 2018


I didn’t play in any events but stepped up my practice in anticipation of my season starting in March. I also finished work on 31st January so was really looking forward to getting back to playing full time. This will see my practice time go up even more as well as a more consistent gym routine (I have been working as a labourer for the last 6/8 weeks; as I have been working physically all day, my gym work has been relatively light and not as frequent as I would like.)

The highlight of my month was the meeting with my Sports Psychologist, Sian. We covered some points I had pre-prepared to discuss with her and the discussion proved to be very positive. I have tried to put some of the items we discussed in to action in my practice throughout January, some to good effect, some less so. However, we will review and discuss again in our next meeting.